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You too can make it - IAAF ambassador

You too can make it - IAAF ambassador

World Cross Country ambassador Paul Tergat has advised the youth not to be pulled back by their backgrounds or circumstances and believe that they cannot achieve their potential

Tergat was speaking to the youth at Nampunge Community School in Wakiso district, 40km west of Kampala about success.

He told them that he was from a very humble background, unknown to even his village members but hard work and persistence saw him raise the ladder of success and he is now an international personality who has moved across the world.

“I was from Baringo and I used to run to school every day. We did not have the luxuries you have these days but I used those conditions later to help me become a world champion.  During my first win in Kenya, many did not believe in me because they did not know me when I beat some of the best in the world. I went on to conquer the world and it was this consistence that earned me respect,” said the five-time World Cross Country champion.

He however advised them that honour and power should not change their personality as this will lead them to ruins.

“But though you are planning to succeed, when God helps you succeed, stay calm and never lose your humility. It costs nothing to keep your humility but it will define you. Always be humble and truthful and if you have the powers, look back and give a hand to the people who helped you grow up and those in need,” he said.