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The prize money up for grabs today

The prize money up for grabs today

Individual winners in the seniors’ category today will each earn $30,000 (sh106.7m).

A total of $310,000 (sh1.1bn) will be on offer for the top performers of the one day event. Money will be paid out to the top finishers of both the senior men and women’s events.

A total of $140,000 (sh498m) is up for grabs for individuals in the two races. In the team events of both senior races another $140,000 is also on offer. Here $20,000 (sh71m) is up for grabs for the winning team.

There will also be $30,000 for the inaugural relay race. The winning team will get $12,000 (sh42.7m). The prizes in this case only apply for the top four teams.

Prize money

1st $30,000 (sh106m)

2nd $15,000 (sh53m)

3rd $10,000 (sh35.5m)

4th $ 7000 (sh24.9m)

5th $5000 (sh17.7m)

6th $3000 (sh 10.6m)

Team races

1st $20,000 (sh71m)

2nd $16,000 (sh56.9m)

3rd $12,000 (sh42.7m)

4th $10,000 (sh35,5m)

5th $ 8000 (sh28.4m)

6th $4000 (sh14.2m)

Mixed relays

1st $12,000 (sh42.7m)

2nd $8000 (sh28.4m)

3rd $6000 (sh21.3m)

4th $4000 (sh14.2m)