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Avian flu is under control - Uganda Government

Avian flu is under control - Uganda Government

Uganda health minister Sarah Opendi, has said that  there is no need for alarm as the situation of the avian flu , commonly known as Bird Flu is now under control (January 19).

Government has urged the country to stay calm despite the outbreak of the deadly avian flu virus in some parts of the country.

Sarah Opendi, the minister of health for general duties, told  a Uganda Daily, The New Vision, that there is no need for alarm as earlier reported.

"We have not heard any issues of persons contracting the disease. There is therefore no threat for anybody to worry about," Opendi said.

She said that except Masaka and Lutembe beach (near Entebbe), where the disease has been detected, there has been no further spread to any other parts of the country.

Opendi said steps taken by government have forestalled any grave risks to human beings. Following the outbreak – confirmed on Sunday by both the agriculture and health ministries, government activated an emergency plan for epidemic control for the deadly disease.