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Kololo ready for National competition

Kololo ready for National competition

Final touches were being done at Kololo Independence Grounds ahead of the Saturday’s National Cross Country championships.

The event, which is set  to start in the afternoon  will help Uganda select its team that will train for the world event that is due at the same venue  on March 26.

Over 400 athletes from different clubs across the country are set to compete for the available slots, with West Nile having the biggest entry of over 60 athletes.

Competition Program

13:30 Opening Ceremony

14:00 Mixed Relay Race

14:30 Junior Women Race

15:00 Awards for Mixed Relay

15:10 Junior Men Race

15:40 Awards for Junior Women

15:50 Senior Women

16:45 Awards for Junior Men

17:55 Senior Men

17:40 Awards for Senior Women

17:50 Awards for Senior Men

18:00 Mass Race

18:30 Closure