World Cross Country
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All is set as nations jet in

All is set as nations jet in

By Joseph Kizza

EVENT: 2017 IAAF World Cross Country Championship


VENUE: Kololo Independence Grounds

DATE: This Sunday (March 26)

It's two days to D-day and the house is getting fuller and fuller by the day. Majority of the nations are expected in the country through the course of today (Friday).

Already, Kampala has seen the arrival of the likes of Australia, USA, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Fiji and the list goes on. And these early arrivals have had a chance to soak in some warm Ugandan weather.

They are also getting a feel of the Kololo course, with teams seen prepping up ahead of Sunday, the event day.

Team Australia was the first to jet in on Monday, alongside a one-man team from Fiji in the form of Avikash Lal.

He won't be the only lone ranger though. Central African Republic’s Calvin Deyaguende and Jordan’s Ahmad Smour are also coming alone.

As many as 60 nations will be represented at Kololo come Sunday, and in their company will of course be the world media, delegates and locals. The whole world will be watching.

It's going to be one heck of a day, I reckon!